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Meat - The tastiest ills of the world

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New Year's reception 2019 LEFT Brunswick

I have the video on YouTube “private” posed, because of General Data Protection Regulation DSGVO.
Who wants to see it, write me an e-mail or via “Contact” on this blog.

But with the sound recordings there are no problems.

So here's the welcome by Ursula White-Roelle and the speech by Victor Perli (MdB) the current situation and his work in the Bundestag:

Victor Perli

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the UN – a toothless tiger? (reform proposals)

The UN a toothless tiger? No! 193 States of the world work in the organization of the United Nations as equal members in the General Assembly.

An opportunity for global cooperation! The UN was founded with the aim, to secure peace in the world permanently. Their Charter and resolutions require inter alia. the protection of human rights, the respect for international law, the prohibition of weapons of mass destruction, respect of land mines and cluster bombs, and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons – essential items, to which the world has agreed.

That many tasks have not been resolved, proves the plurality of wars and human rights violations in the last decades. There are approaches, to reform the power structure of UN0.

The choice of Germany in the Security Council for 2019/20 and the upcoming 75th anniversary celebrations are for the Peace Center event, to discuss existing proposals for reform.
Frieder Schöbel works in a working group of the German Society for the United Nations and is considering the reform of the Security Council, General Assembly and committees before.

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Story from the perspective of the potato

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Do it yourself: Holographie

under holography (also holography, holos of ancient Greek ὅλος, German, very ', Fully 'and -grafie) Summing up procedure together, which utilize the wave nature of light (namely its interference- and coherence opportunities), to achieve systematic demonstrative illustrations, which go beyond the possibilities of classical photography (a three-dimensional object from a two-dimensional image of its Fourier transform is mathematically reconstructed, wherein the angle of view is important). The motives seem to float freely in the consideration in the room. During lateral movement it can be seen around and around an object and is created when viewed with both eyes a fully three-dimensional impression.

Holographic methods are increasingly used in metrology, for example in electron microscopy. as a hologram (altgriechisch letter gramma, German, Written ', ,Embassy'), Also memory image, refers to a photograph produced with holographic techniques, which represents a real three-dimensional image of the original object after preparation and illumination with coherent light. (Wikipedia)

With very simple means one can admire themselves holography. You just have to make something. Do it yourself: So you can generate holograms! (Here)

You can make your own images as a hologram. How is this link: Do it yourself

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CRISPR – Genetic engineering will change everything forever…

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The history of tea

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2018/2019: Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

I wish all my followers and friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New YEAR 2019!
Here's a little experiment with the camera Symax360. Quality is not particularly, for the camera is cheap.

slide back and forth with the mouse or the arrows…

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Homeopathy - Gentle alternative or dreister Humbug?

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