What I have to say to you,
ne small hip-hop gift.
Believe me,
it's true
and I see it quite clear…

Man'll awake
and look around you.
still dream now
is really stupid.

Quest for Peace –
almost crashes,
in question is the international federation
on the National now shortened.

Everyone wants to be the greatest,
solidarity is gone,
man now of Denuded
and wonders about the meaning.

Ob Trump, ob Orban, Erdogan,
narcissist, foreign haters, Autokrat,
all can be found in delusion,
are nothing but silly potentate.

Man, open eyes,
is efficient,
still doing well,
became resistant.

Sold all the bad spirits,
you and me,
we are the champions,
fraternally against filth.

We all have strength,
to shape the future,
prejudices abolished,
ourselves we manage.

Man is man,
no matter where,
whether black if white,
no advantage.

AFD – is the name of the heap,
talking all the best bad,
we only sell rubbish,
the aims of human rights.

Refugees – Only the subject,
Foreclosure their goal,
Ankerzentrun as in USA,
that's not homophilia.

Europe expectant to collar,
nationalism überwunden,
it runs better around,
and strife is quickly disappeared.

Help need all the States,
the sink into murder and debris,
for that I can really only guess,
before drowning in the sea more.

Man becoming man,
understand your empathy,
I know – it works out,
with hate we never reach it.

We do not want war,
There is no winner,
we do not want victories,
Peace only alone.

Hello Hans

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Poverty is a form of violence – “With My Own Two Hands” | Song Around The World …

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BIBS: threatened by a 3. World war?

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The rulers of Europe since 400 v.Chr. …

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1.More 2018 in Braunschweig: Rally, May Day demonstration and …

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The Braunschweig and her “Castle”…

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Ostermarsch 2018 in Braunschweig …


Instead of promoting the peace process in Syria take the US and Israel of international law attacks against the country as Turkey with its attacks against the Kurdish areas around Afrin. Despite looming talks about the nuclear weapons of North Korea this complex conflict between the US and North Korea is still highly dangerous. The federal government has not only troops in the Baltics: intended by the establishment of another NATO headquarters faster redeployment of forces to the Russian border be possible. We condemn the military operations and sanctions policy and the war rhetoric and call for a peaceful resolution of conflicts.

WHO ARMS EXPORTS PROMOTES WAR AND ESCAPE! Germany has increased its arms exports again. They went u. the. to Saudi Arabia, a country, the crucial fueling the war in Syria and Yemen. Turkish attacks on Afrin be conducted with German Leopard tanks and small arms.

combat causes of flight also means: Stop arms exports!


The Bundeswehr calls for the purchase of combat drones. US drones are controlled from Germany, by pressing a button the fatal shot fired. This application is targeted killing of people inside and outside of wars, without charge, Procedures and judgment.

That's murder, and it is contrary to international law!


We call on the Federal Government, finally the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Büchel (Rheinland-Pfalz) to enforce and therefore not to allow renewal of nuclear warheads by the United States. The federal government should finally join the UN nuclear ban!


The new GroKo want to upgrade and the dictates of the NATO subjects, the armor expenditure of 2% of GDP calls. We reject this. The money is used for education and social services and social housing, which promotes the internal and global peace.


We do not need EU army, but a civil and social Europe, the disarmament, civil conflict, economic solidarity, Cosmopolitanism and the reception and integration of refugees is!

Hello Hans

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Film: Brunswick 1913 …

The images show a visit by Kaiser Wilhelm II. in Braunschweig 1913 on the occasion of the christening of his grandson Alexander Ferdinand. As is common in the Empire celebrated the visit Braunschweig with elaborate festivities as "imperial days”. Besides Wilhelm II. — with skull cap Hussars — include Eitel Friedrich of Prussia, Sophie Charlotte of Oldenburg, August Wilhelm of Prussia, Alexandra Victoria of House of Glücksburg and Friedrich Franz IV., to see the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg.

In the Free State of Brunswick again a great palaver of “high and mighty” and a Lobhudelung the Brunswick. Here, the First World War was at the gates, which eventually led to Millonen dead and the abdication of the emperor.

In the November Revolution in Braunschweig between November 1918 and May 1919 was proclaimed in Braunschweig even the "Socialist Republic of Brunswick", which was ended by the invasion of the Free Corps Maercker.

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Peace Center on Radio Okerwelle: The difficult year 1913 …
Peace Center on Radio Okerwelle: 1913, War Shakers and trauma of war children and -enkeln ...
1913 - The Rite of Spring ... Braunschweig between monarchy and modernity ...
Video: Brunswick 1913 - "Belle Epoque of the nobility" or "Dancing on the Edge" ...
History of my hometown Braunschweig ...
The other city tour - Braunschweig ago 50 Years

Hello Hans

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Peace Center on Radio Okerwelle: North Korea

The series of Peace Centre Braunschweig e.V. on Radio Okerwelle on various topics in the field of peace work.

Here is the transcript of the broadcast (but without the beautiful music – GEMA!)
It comes to North Korea, and in the editorial about the war diaries Astrid Lindgren.

More shows will follow!


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Biohacking: playing with evolution …

As a teenager, I am very interested in the natural sciences. fruit flies, mice, Stick insects, Frogs and many other busy my room. With fondness I have a microscope and conducted chemical experiments. My father supported my passion.

Meanwhile, many decades have passed and the technological possibilities have expanded enormously.

Today you can build a genetics lab and experiment with genes for little money. On the one hand fascinating and then I get a little scared, when I think about, what all will be tried with the new possibilities.

So you know, I fear, Here one finds on the Internet…

Hello Hans

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