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INT. Theater

The stage is empty. Hans comes and sits down on a
Chair. He looks very depressed.

After half a minute Hanna is happy on stage
and look at Hans.

Hey! Nice to meet you. How
is it to you?

What is this question? Do you expect
really an answer, or should
I only ask you, as you please

To, one wonders just, if
will meet.

But you expect but, that i
sage, i'm fine!

And, already. That is the
usual small talk.

I do not answer it,.

For half a minute silence occurs occurs. Hanna sets
on the second chair and look at Hans.

Is something special going on with you?

I suffer from my thoughts. They
circling like a carousel. I
call this state always
“Head buzzing”.

Has this thought circles a
Root Cause?

I dont know. It just occurs
on and I lose my
Self-confidence and try me
to soothe, But what I do not

Can I do something for you?

Accept myself, I just
am. I'm just depressed.
Also I try to accept it.

Depressed? I have it
heard, but I can not
introduce, like this
State of mind.

You are on fighting with you and
thereby losing much of your power.
And I am facing inwards
and was in contact with the
Outside world so my
Trouble. Normal
Stresses exert myself
scary and I take
something back. Also my sleep is
actually not the best.

And, you look tired.

These depressive
Mood swings are among
my personality structure. I
known her for a long time and must
always a new base

What are you doing, however,?

Three things are important:
1.Medication, 2. Therapeutic
Measures and 3. my

Sounds quite good at…

This is anything but
simply. The medication
Antidepressants from a psychiatrist
a real puzzle. Each
People react differently to these
Drugs and they have slowly
be tried enhancing. And
with the side effects you have to
first cope. A
Psychotherapy can be helpful,
but first find a
Therapists. Sometimes you can
waiting half a year. Was
is very important, i must not
give up and try my
To obtain personal initiative. The
means, I try in the
Outside world through social contacts
introduce despite my problems.

This is certainly not easy…

I know, I as an individual can
just me in exchange with other
Prove people. Only here
I get positive feedback
and recognition, I so
urgent need. Withdrawal and
Escape is the wrongest.

In addition I'm here. I'm trying
to understand you.

Thank you. But my experience has
taught me, that most
People with depression
meet total stupefaction.
You can simply my feelings
not understand. Depression
is a disease and to a
severe. 15 % the difficult
Depressives commit
successful suicide. In the press
often recur reports
Suicides of famous people – as
For example, the goalkeeper Robert
Widow – on, but after a short time
they are from the public
Disappeared memory.

I remember. But you can
not cure this disease?

If you suffered a bone fracture
haste, you go into surgery.
There they set up your fracture and
you go back home healthy.
In the case of mental illness,
including depression among,
you come in psychiatry and
will be treated in accordance with. But
necessarily healthy are you doing
not home. Mental
Disorders often have a
chronic course. And they leave
usually not unique as a
Classify Fracture. Thus, a
Depression often with fears
connected and so there are many
Transitions between the
various mental

I understand, that there is a
Difference between physical
and mental illness are.
But how can I you out of your
depressive mood
get out?

I thank you for your efforts.
Perhaps we can also some
do together. But I must
decide, what's in my
State of mind goes or not.
What seems simple, can me
just overwhelm yet. I need to
act small steps.

Do not you have now other
social contacts, the up
can bring other thoughts?

Daily life goes on and
is difficult to master. But I
have contact with a
Self-help group, in the fear of
and depression sufferers are
get together. Here we speak
in exchange about our problems.
The advantage is, I of
Equal affected much faster
accepted with my problems and
would be perceived. The
Self-help group is simply me
Force. I can only each
Recommend depressive.

Ok, i see, that you are striving itself
from your dark mood
get out. And I will
try, your condition to
accept. Just tell me, what for
you're in interaction with me in
capable of feeling.

All Right – I'll do that.
Now it has been me just fine
done, that thou hast heard me.
My wish would be, that all
More people with mental
Diseases would know about. Then
they can not make the more
Fear and coexistence
would be easier. Also
society must be some
do in the future, thus
mentally ill better
can integrate. It starts in
Working life and continues into the

Thank you – I have made this
Conversation with you learned something…

The scene game to be expanded. Other experiences are to be installed…Script downloaden...

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